Monday, February 20, 2012

CW is set to shoot The Selection a new series :) from the Upcoming Kiers Cass novel.

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‘The Selection’ Receives Casting Directors and Location

February 6, 2012 • • 

Photo via Barnes & Noble
Last week we reported on the CW Network picking up the rights to Kiera Cass’ upcoming novel, ‘The Selection’. BackStage has now confirmed that the series has just been given it’s production location and official casting director.
“The Selection,” will shoot in Vancouver, but it’s being cast in Los Angeles by Barbara Stordahl and Angela Terry. The pilot, from Warner Bros. Television, is set 300 years in the future. The protagonist is a poor woman who is chosen to compete in a contest, the winner of which will be crowned queen of a war-torn nation. No shoot date has been set yet. Stordahl/Terry also casts ABC Family’s “Jane by Design” and TNT’s “Leverage.” Source: Back Stage

And on the side note  this dress totally make me think of the  cover for the Selection by Kiera Cass...
I am hoping for more CW love. So what do you think of this news excited or eeehhh just another CW drama??

Photo credit People mag. HAPPY MOMENT Gossip Girl co-stars Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester share a sweet moment while filming a scene Monday in New York City


  1. Exciting, especially if they do it right. :)

    1. I couldn't agree more! The CW Had a pretty good track record.

  2. I see this as being one of those books that could easily draw people in by the gorgous cover! That dress is just fantastic! I picked this book up on a Saturday afternoon and was going to just read for a little while. 5 hours later it was dark outside, I was at the end of the story and I wanted more. The story flows so smoothly and the characters are so well developed that I couldn't put it down. I easily found the main charater, America, to be someone that girls could look up to. She has character and morals and a strong sense of self. There is a love triangle story which is getting a bit old but I thought she handled it well. She put both guys in their place and was honest (for the most part) with them, not trying to hide one from the other. I felt like I was left hanging at the end of the story and I'm so upset (in a good way!) that I have to wait so long for the next part of the story!


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