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J.R. Ward Cover for Covet!

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Leather Wearing Angels on Motorcycles *JR WARD*
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Brie at Musing of a Bibliophile for posting the cover for Covet, the first book in J.R. Ward's new series about fallen angels who ride Harleys.Coming from Signet on September 29. This book is almost 600 pages!
Here is the only blurb I could find for it
J.R. Ward says: October 31st, 2008 at 10:20 am
Hi AY!
And Anita I couldn’t keep the secret any longer! The new series is in paperback out October 2009! COVET: A Novel of the Fallen Angels is the first of the books and let’s just say it’s all about angels and Harleys and evil and redemption. The tag line’s Destiny’s a witch and then you die… but love always brings you back. I’m reallly excited! At this point we’re going to be designing a whole new website and there’ll be another message board (which will link to the BDB). Basically it is 7 novels that the Warden calls the seven deadly sins.

One can only wonder if the series will captivate us as much as the Brotherhood has? I for one think it will. The WARDen is da-bomb.


  1. Seven book is this new series. Ward is going to be pretty busy for the next decade or so to come.

  2. So this might sounds silly because I have a feeling I know the answer - but do you like J.R. Ward's books? I got a couple used and haven't cracked them yet; sadly or not so sadly there's a huge pile waiting before they even get close to the top of the list.

  3. all jrward books are good good wonderful do your self a favour and read them u weill not regret the time cindy from down under

  4. KB, When isnt she busy.. I want her energy level!!
    Cinnamon The answer is OHHHHH YES! We met her at RT last year!
    And I agree with Cindy from down under They are awesome!
    The first 3 are more romance the later in the series are more urban fantsy. But they are one of my fav series. Cant wait for Rehevenges book.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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