Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cassandra Clare Signing in Exton PA.

I started my work day at 5 am. After I was off for the day, I headed home to grab my books and head for Exton PA. For the Cassandra Clare City of Glass Launch!! The Trip took just a bit over 2 1/2 hours.I arrived at Exton Border where the staff were all excited about the signing. Most were dressed for the festivities.. Michelle is there YA expert, and has a wonderful blog. She also had many suggestions for future reads!

Cassandra Clare was very generous with her time, she arranged for this stop in PA herself. She said she wanted to make sure some of her fans on the East Cost had the opportunity for a signing.
CC did a wonderful reading, then fielded questions from her fans. I asked wether she had considered writing a follow up story to pick up after City of Glass?? Her answer was yes she had given it much thought. And after a while might write a story about the future of Simons character. Of course Jace and Clary would be in it as would all of our favorites.
Some one also asked if Edward and Jace got into a fight who would win??
Her answer was ... they wouldn't fight that they would paint there nails black and join a band.!!
It has been a long day. I had a very nice time.
The Ravenous Reader is waiting on my Pics so she can add some to her COG palooooza she has going on her blog.
So many thanks to the staff at the Border in Exton PA and Ms Cassandra Clare.


  1. you must have had suuuuch a good time. SO jealous!!

  2. Hi Linda. I recently finished CITY OF BONES, and thanks to your recommendation, I'll pick up the next two in the series. As I mentioned on the list, I was kinda disappointed because of the situation between Clary and Jace. But I shall read on! Great post about the signing!

  3. Thanks Reverie, I sure did!

    Oh Michele You are not going to be disappointed!

  4. It looks like a very fun event, I love the cupcakes and costumes... wish I could have attended.

  5. Oh MAN! I was so going to go to this Tuesday, but had a meeting at school. Looks awesome! Thanks for taking pictures. They rock. :)

  6. Saroya it was a good time. I hope you go to local signings!

    OMG AS King has hit my blog!! Thanks for Stopping by! I wish I could come back up for your signing on Sat for Dust of 100 Dogs! But Sadly I can not do the drive again. I am really looking forward to reading you book. I had to be to work at 4 am this monring. I am draging..

  7. Oh stop. 2.5 hours driving is serious stuff & I'd barely do it to see myself. =P And you say "up" so if you're anywhere near Baltimore, I might be closer to you later this year.

    And wow. What do you do that you have to be there at 4AM. Yeow. That's serious.

  8. LOL yes up, 5 hours in a car (and $11 in toll's) are just not my favorite thing. :O)
    I live south of Annapolis.
    I work at a store doing file maintenance and cashier. On Friday we put up the new sale signs. The good thing is when I am done I have the rest of the day.

  9. Hey! It's Michelle from Borders! I'm so glad you had a good time and it was nice to meet you. Your pictures are great. Cassie is amazing and she really made everyone feel special. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met, seriously. Thanks for driving all the way to PA to see us!

  10. Michelle it was wonderful to meet you to.
    CC was so very nice. This is the first time I have traveled (with out my sistah's from another mistah) for a signing. It was worth the effort to show support for a wonderful author and Such a nice book store. I was very impressed with your staff's knowledge and enthusiasm. I am going to keep cheking you minion blog for new reads. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. Im so jealous ^_^ Pictures look great

    I think Jace would win, Ed wouldnt want to mess up his hair;)


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